Niam updating their airplane selfie

wwa film: zayn opens the bathroom door on niall

Niall & Liam + taking pictures


have you ever just cried because you’re you


This is important

eoghanmcdermo: .@thewhitmore @niallofficial Too late.

eoghanmcdermo: Sorry @thewhitmore - we did it again. We took it up a level. @NiallOfficial 

thewhitmoreTwo years ago two boys named Eoghan and Niall went into my home while I was out and into my underwear drawer. Then took pictures wearing my underwear on their head. And tweeted them. It’s been a long process but I’ve finally had my revenge!!

Louis being a lil shit
Louis Tomlinson & Zayn Malik
WWA Film
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Zayn: I was about three seconds away from catching [Liam before he fell] but he just―
Louis: You could’ve saved the day but what you’re saying, Zayn, is that you just didn’t.

new orleans 25.09.14

new orleans 25.09.14